The first step is to contact me by phone or by email so that we discuss your issue. Within this phone conversation it will be discussed whether clinical hypnotherapy will be applicable for you also.*

How long will treatment take (depends on the issue and its complexity) for some clients this may be short term just minutes or hours, for others it will be longer-term therapeutic work.


Your first session with myself would comprise of two parts. The first part involves a discussion about you, your expectations and goals. This is your opportunity to ask any questions, worries or concerns. The second part will be helping you to enter into a state of deep relaxation and begin your first session of hypnotherapy. The first session will last 90 minutes. Your second session will last up to 90 minutes, first part will be discussion on progress and direction with remaining 60 minutes for induction and therapy.

Within the first induction session my clients will usually leave having experienced a ‘light bulb moment’ of clarity on the origins of their issue and the belief that is supporting it. Having found the root cause of what is holding them back and the therapy plan agreed upon now we can work together to make the sub-conscious mind support the decisions of the conscious self, rather than the other way around.


When a client has a clear presenting issue with an adamant desire for change and no underlying analytical issues we can usually treat in two sessions only. Symptomatic therapy is less intrusive and techniques used are driven by suggestion, guided visualisation therapy, desensitisation, swish and reframing etc., Such issues can present as phobias, fear, confidence, breaking habits, smoking cessation, self-esteem, stress-management, insomnia etc.

. . . . . . . .


Analytical hypnotherapy may be necessary when a client has a presenting issue without recall of origin or/and through analysis it is shown that conflicting subconscious parts are resisting to the conscious will of the client. These sessions may take longer than two sessions and this would be revised after each session. Forms that analytical hypnotherapy may take are Time-line Reframe, TA in Hypnosis, Regression, Healing the inner child, cutting the cords that bind.

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