What is Hynotherapy?

One concern most clients voice before treatment is the fear of loss of control. This fear often stems from watching one to many, dramatic stage or Television Hypnotist acts. Stage Hypnotism and Therapeutic Clinical Hypnotherapy are two very different bags.


Stage Hypnosis requires either an instinctual or detailed screening process of prospective applicants to see who are easily led and malleable as well as the hypnotist trained with a very different set of skills. Within the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy, the clients are not screened for malleability and the Clinical Hypnotherapist has undergone intensive training for therapeutic practice; supervised, accredited and insured.

This type of therapy is a wonderfully calming and thoroughly enjoyable experience, where clients have complete control throughout the whole process experiencing this transformational change whilst being in a state of deep relaxation.

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My role is simply to bring about dramatic change through negotiation and agreement of both your conscious and subconscious mind thus bringing forth resolve in such issues where inner conflict is problematic.

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